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UPDATE: Record-Breaking Summer Heat Predicted for 2024! Due to super high utility bills, the demand for WunderCool is growing and supplies have been selling out! Order now while supplies last!
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Easy-Install Ceiling Fan Cools Your Home at a Fraction of the Cost of  Running the ACFraction of the Cost of Running the AC

Anyone can install – no handyman or electrician required!
2,423 Ratings
SLASH Your Utilities Bill this Summer with the Super-Cooling Ceiling Fan that Installs in Seconds!
WunderCool is the game-changing ceiling fan & lighting fixture that delivers a REFRESHING FLOW OF COOLING AIR while providing the perfect lighting for your home.

WunderCool installs in seconds, even if you’re never installed anything before! If you can screw in a light bulb, you can install WunderCool!

You control everything with the included Remote Control! It makes it incredibly easy for seniors to adjust the fan speed & light brightness - all without ever leaving your chair or getting out of bed!

And best of all, WunderCool cools your home for a mere FRACTION OF THE COST of running your air conditioner. Now you can keep cool and save a fortune at the same time!
Enjoy Powerful Cooling at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Air Conditioning Units!
  • Remote Control – includes a handheld remote control that lets you control the fan speed and light brightness from anywhere in the room.

  • Multi-Speed Fan – choose low, medium, or high speeds to customize the airflow intensity to meet your cooling needs.

  • Dimmable LED Light – lets you select the perfect amount of brightness to suit your preference and set the mood.

  • Energy Saving – operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning, saving you big money on energy bills.

What is WunderCool?

Easily screws into almost any light bulb socket, instant installation!
WunderCool is a home cooling and lighting fixture that can be installed by anyone who can screw in a light bulb. It cools your home without any of the negative effects of using your air conditioner.

Air conditioners use more electricity than any other appliance in the home. On the hottest days of the year, up to 70% of residential electrical power is used for air conditioning. But to make things worse, they leak powerful planet-warming gasses that cause global warming.

WunderCool uses just a fraction of the energy used by air conditioners, doesn’t leak unsafe gasses, all while saving you money!
WunderCool Cools Your Home at a Fraction of the Cost of an Air Conditioner!
Air conditioners cost a fortune to operate! That’s why smart consumers are choosing the energy-efficient cooling power of WunderCool!

  • WunderCool won’t make your utility bills skyrocket.

  • WunderCool is virtually silent. 

  • WunderCool doesn’t cause global warming.

What Makes WunderCool So Special?

Super Easy Installation
The easy-to-install WunderCool requires no complicated installation or help from a handyman. Installing your WunderCool is as easy as screwing in a light bulb!
Handy Remote-Control Unit
Control the lights and fan without ever leaving your seat! It’s the ultimate luxury for those times you’re feeling too lazy to get out of bed or off the couch!
Dimmable Lighting
WunderCool’s dimmable lighting offers unparalleled flexibility and ambiance control, allowing you to create the perfect mood for any occasion.
Reversible Fan Direction
Set the fan’s rotation counterclockwise to create a cooling downdraft in the summer, or set clockwise to circulate warm air around the room during winter.
6” Socket Extender
The optional socket extender extends the length of WunderCool’s socket, making it easy to use in fixtures that are or recessed or difficult to reach.

What Do Customers Have to Say About WunderCool?

Very satisfied
I love how it can be plugged into a light socket. Not only is the lighting great, but the fan has 3 speeds and I cannot rave enough about this. I put it in my bathroom that doesn’t have much ventilation, this fan/light has been a perfect addition.
John C.
Verified Purchase
Works great
Big plus getting the light fixture extender with the fan, it works perfect with my recessed fixtures. Having 3 speeds is great (it can blow some good air). The light is nice and bright and the 3 settings should accommodate any needs. Glad I bought this.
Matt H.
Verified Purchase

What Are Some Other Great Features of WunderCool?

Cool fan breeze circulates air in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, anywhere you need it!
Sleek Design
WunderCool not only helps you create the perfect climate in your home, it looks good while it’s doing it! Its unique styling complements and enhances any décor!
The energy-efficient design consumes significantly less energy than conventional air conditioning, aiding in cost savings while contributing to a healthier climate.
Whisper-Quiet Operation
Cool your home without making a racket! WunderCool features virtually noise-free operation so you can easily watch TV, read, study, or sleep while using it!
Energy Saving
WunderCool operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning, cooling down your home while saving you big money on your monthly energy bills.
Space Saving
WunderCool doesn’t take up any floor space like standing fans do, making it ideal for cramped spaces like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Is WunderCool Worth It?

When you consider how shockingly expensive it is to run your air conditioner, saving money by running WunderCool becomes a total no-brainer!

WunderCool lets you control the temperature of your home, but at just a fraction of the price of using a traditional air-conditioning unit.

And to sweeten this already fantastic off, WunderCool is now available with an incredible 62% OFF discount!
Scientists tell us that 2024 will be ONE OF THE HOTTEST SUMMERS IN HISTORY, breaking long-standing weather records around the nation.

With such oppressive heat just around the corner, WunderCool is the best way to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank.

This is THE LOWEST PRICE THAT WUNDERCOOL HAS EVER BEEN OFFERED AT, so once this deal is over it’s probably not going to get repeated.

How Do I Get an Authentic WunderCool?

To get your own WunderCool, just visit their official website here.

NOTE: WunderCool products are only sold on their official website. All orders are sent with fast shipping so you get quick delivery on your order.
As of
: Due to the unprecedented high demand, WunderCool has completely sold out 3 times this year. Their current stock is disappearing fast. Get your WunderCool now while supplies last!




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